Technology Innovation
and a Solid Growth Strategy

Sentelligence conceives, designs and develops intelligent diagnostic sensing solutions for consumer safety, Homeland Security, and transportation.

Sentelligence’s mission is to design and develop miniaturized low-cost diagnostic sensors. The sensors include embedded intelligence providing stand-alone functionality in a variety of applications. This creates a sustainable differential advantage for the company across multiple markets.

Sentelligence is a technology-based company with a successful history of product development featuring low-cost platform technologies with a high degree of functionality. With these different platforms and formats, covering a wide range of applications the technology serves multiple markets, including medical, food & beverage, homeland security, government, and consumer safety.


Food-Quality-Sensor Beverage-Quality-Sensor Ambient-Air-Monitor
Food Quality Sensor

The Sentelligence Food Quality Sensor will provide an assessment of the nutritional content of foods, and will detect in real time adulterants and toxic materials, including accidental contamination during manufacture/preparation, blending incorrect ingredients, or contamination by deliberate action.


Beverage Quality Sensor

The Sentelligence low-cost handheld or counter mounted beverage sensor will monitor beverage quality and composition, and will detect contaminants in beverages, including toxic substances, adulterants, and contamination by deliberate action. The Beverage Quality Sensor will provide counterfeit detection having the ability to verify high value beverages such as Scotch, Bourbon, Cognac, etc.


Ambient Air Monitor

The Sentelligence Ambient Air Monitor can detect dangerous gases in <0.1 seconds, in real time allowing for swift action in protecting the public. The ability of early detection of hazardous conditions by monitoring gases and vapors such as flammable materials, (fire hazard), toxic chemical agents (terrorism), and carbon dioxide/monoxide (early fire detection), will save lives. This new and innovative technology can connect via wireless or wired communication.