Gas Composition

The gas monitoring systems are based on solid state MEMS components and have no direct moving parts, other than related to sample/gas handling.

Gas & Vapor Prototype - Gas composition sensors

Image 1.4: Example gas composition sensors configured for CNG monitoring

The use of MEMS based devices is consistent with the platform approach of Sentelligence sensors insofar as it maintains the overall theme of using all solid state components thereby requiring no functional moving parts. In their simplest form that sensors provide dedicated 4-channel gas sensing as applied in the natural gas sensor – see image 1.4

The gas monitors can accommodate up to 16 optical channels that can be configured in discrete or multiplexed modes. The latter enables materials to be characterized in multi-component/multi-gas applications, such as in the ambient air monitor illustrated by Image 1.5. These sensors are capable of providing parts per million (ppm) level detection for certain key component gases and vapors. In the automotive field this includes EGR applications; providing measurements of gases that include CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, HC and NH3.

Image 1.5: Fully integrated 16-channel ambient air monitor

Image 1.5: Fully integrated 16-channel ambient air monitor

In-line Gas Composition

  • 4-channel measurement system (illustrated)
  • Configurable up to 16-channels
  • Proprietary custom-built filter-detector combinations
  • Configurations for high or low gas concentrations

Target markets include:

  • Design as shown applied to natural gas BTU measurements… Fracking, oilfield, distribution, industrial and consumer
  • Automotive adaptations can include engine cavity (EGR) gas monitoring – for CO2, NOx, SOx, HC & NH3
  • Flue gas monitoring… industrial… and mining safety
  • Industrial process
  • Medical

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